Fountaingrove Dentistry

Anterior porcelain crowns

Erika came in with old, opaque porcelain fused to metal crowns. Dr Erlach was able to improve her smile with more natural looking all porcelain crowns.

Implant placement

This patient lost several teeth and needed them replaced. Dr Erlach was able to replace his missing teeth with implants and natural looking crowns. 3D software helped plan where the implants needed to be placed.

CEREC same day crowns

This patient’s front teeth were discolored and fractured. Dr Anderson was able to restore her teeth with porcelain crowns the same day using CEREC technology.

Single implant crown

Replacing single front teeth is one of the most challenging procedure in dentistry. Here, the impression coping has been placed prior to fabrication of the porcelain crown. Dr Anderson accompanied the patient to our local dental lab for shade customization.

Invisalign-before and after

After straightening her teeth with Invisalign, Dr Anderson restored Sani’s worn teeth with composite.




Before and After

What a difference two implants can make! With the help of Dr Katie Bales, who moved our patient’s teeth orthodontically, we were able to place two implants here in our office to restore her beautiful smile.

Internal Tooth Bleaching

Internal tooth bleaching can bring a dark, root canal-treated tooth to a naturally bright color to blend in with the rest of the smile.


This patient came in with a dark front tooth as a result of root canal treatment.


Dr Heather Anderson placed a whitening solution inside the tooth to brighten it to it’s natural color.


Porcelain Crowns- before and after

the patient's teeth before her smile makeover- note discolored front teeth and spacing on her lower teeth

the patient’s teeth before her smile makeover- note discolored front teeth and spacing on her lower teeth

porcelain crowns were placed brighten the patient's smile

porcelain crowns were placed brighten the patient’s smile



Invisalign- before and after

Invisalign- before and after by Dr Heather Anderson
This patient’s crowded teeth were straightened and cosmetically contoured.