Veneers Frequently Asked Questions

Veneers are an excellent choice if you want to correct slight imperfections in your teeth, such as minor chips, hairline cracks, uneven shape, gaps, and discoloration. Veneers can dramatically improve the color and shape of the teeth to which they are applied and do not involve an invasive procedure. They are easy to attach to your natural teeth without damaging them and last for years.

How much do veneers cost?

The price depends on several variables, including how many veneers are applied, whether custom shade matching is needed, and the imperfections in the natural teeth. Typically, veneers start at about $1,800.

How long do veneers last?

Depending on how well you care for your veneers, they can last anywhere from five to 20 years. If you clench or grind your teeth or bite your fingernails, veneers may wear out quicker.

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How do veneers work?

Veneers are restorations made of a thin sheet of porcelain covering the front of the tooth. The veneers look and feel like natural teeth and can improve the color and shape of your teeth.

Can veneers replace missing teeth?

No, veneers are a layer of porcelain placed over an actual tooth that is damaged, stained, or poorly shaped. If the entire tooth is missing, other options, including crowns, implants, and dental bridges, can replace missing teeth.

Are veneers safe?

Yes, veneers are safe. They have been successfully used to improve the smiles of millions of people and are a non-invasive cosmetic procedure done in our office.

Do veneers damage your teeth?

Not really. In some cases, we may have to remove a thin layer of the enamel on the tooth’s surface, but this is minimal and does not affect the health or function of your teeth.

Do porcelain veneers stain?

No, once your porcelain veneers are placed, you can look forward to years of beautiful, white teeth without worrying about stains from food or drink.

Can porcelain veneers be whitened?

No, once the color for your veneers is determined, they will stay that color for the life of the veneers. If you are interested in whiter, brighter teeth and plan to get veneers, it is best to whiten your teeth first, then match your veneers to the results of your teeth whitening treatment.

Are veneers better than crowns?

Not necessarily. While many patients opt for veneers because they are a more conservative treatment than crowns, they may not be the best choice in some situations. Our dentists can help you determine whether crowns or veneers are the best way to achieve your desired results.

Are veneers removable?

No, veneers are permanently bonded into position. They act and function like your natural teeth.

Can veneers be placed on crooked teeth?

In many cases, veneers can be applied to crooked teeth or teeth with gaps, depending on the severity of the crowding. If the crowding or gaps are minor, veneers can improve your smile. Other options are available if the crowding is severe or the gap is significant.

Are veneers painful?

No, once veneers are bonded to your teeth, you will not feel them. The layer of enamel removed is very thin, and you do not feel any discomfort. During the procedure to apply the veneers, a local anesthetic is used.

What materials are used for dental veneers?

We use porcelain veneers due to their quality, durability, and resemblance to natural teeth. There are many different types of porcelain available depending on the strength needed and the esthetics you are seeking. We review all of these options with you at your initial consultation.

Will veneers shift?

Only if the tooth it is bonded to shifts. If this happens, it is important to contact our office immediately.

Does insurance cover veneers?

Insurance does not cover dental veneers, as they are considered a cosmetic treatment. We do offer payment plans and accept most major credit cards. However, if you have questions about payment options, our office staff is always available to answer your questions.

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