Green Dentistry 

At Fountaingrove Dentistry, we are serious about making our practice environmentally friendly.  Our recent remodel employs the latest in low energy lighting and more efficient climate control units throughout the building.  We have also installed high efficiency compressors and vacuum pumps that do not use up water and are up to 80% more efficient than older models. These energy conservation improvements combined with 75 solar panels allow us to produce 90-100% of our electricity usage.

Making our landscaping water efficient was a big job.  2000 square feet of lawn was removed and replaced with low water landscape to include native plants, field stones and succulents.  The net saving on our water usage for the practice is almost 75% compared to previous years! Dr. Erlach did this work himself since it is one of his hobbies and so very different compared to working on little teeth all day.

We even installed rain harvesting barrels around the building to capture rainwater.  Many of the existing plants reside under the roof and the rain harvest system irrigates these during the fall, winter, and spring.  Also, the barrels store up water for use during the summer.

We hope you appreciate some of these behind-the-scenes improvements along with our beautiful new remodel.

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