Laser Dentistry Santa Rosa

We have incorporated the use of lasers in our practice. Lasers are used for various procedures in the dental practice. First and foremost is the introduction of lasers in our treatment of gum disease. In addition to regular deep cleanings the laser is employed in a systematic process over several weeks to the infected sites which reduces the gums pockets without cutting the gum away. There are cases the regrowing bone WITHOUT SURGERY in some cases.

At Fountaingrove Dentistry, the doctors often use micro-laser s as an adjunct to cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Teeth can be lengthened for a more attractive appearance or lasers can be used to improve the quality of digital or conventional impressions used to make porcelain crowns and veneers. The results is a beautiful, high quality restoration with improved comfort and patient satisfaction.

The laser can also treat herpes lesions (cold sores) on the lips and painful ulcers in the mouth. Other uses are tooth bleaching, trimming tissue to give perfect impressions for crowns and other minor surgical procedures. Sometimes the laser treatment can be done without anesthesia.

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